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September 2, 2008 by Ziggystyles

I was reading some news sites this morning and came across a bit on TMZ where Don LaFontaine has passed away from lung disease. Being a broadcaster myself and one day hoping to piddle in that realm again...I've been thinking about voice acting...although thats as far as I've gotten, just thinking.  But Dons voice is what I believe many voice actors think of when they work. He has been doing his gig for over 25 years, has done over 5000 trailers and 350,000 commercials (yeah, thats...
August 31, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Yeah, before we have people pointing out the obvious...Im not one to be giving money advice or even budgeting advice.  But advice when you think about it, is a tool.  Most often, advice is a tool that is gained from previous situations.  I like to say that I fail, but I succeed at finding out what doesnt work.  Advice given is something that others found to be helpful and offered as a tool so that others may be helped.  And stuff.

Anywho...Calculators.  Sounds ...
August 18, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Well I hardly write as much as I want. I try to write and then I get stuck or something can't come out right...etc.  Actually I've been working on a political thread for about 5 days now on Firefox...I just hope my computer doesnt do one of its "hey...its 3am and I just uploaded and installed new updates, time to restart....now" frenzies.  I can't copy and pase from firefox so the window just stays open, lol. 

Anywho...I figured I should maybe update every now and then with o...
August 4, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Well Marcie ended up buying another camera for her self a while back.  Since then she has been bit by the photography bug...taking some really cool pics.  Well since our old camera was just as good as the day we bought it (and I like it tons better)...I decided to bring it along when we go out on my run on the weekends. 

So here are some pics I snapped up.  I like flowers although I hardly know the names of any of them.  They just aren't that prevalant in the area u...
July 18, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Well...I don't post anything hardly anymore.  My job is the same every day for the most part, so its hard to post much about that, lol.  I have been trying for a few weeks to post something on our battle of the debts and I always give up, or shut the browser down...never actually finish. 

But lately, I've been getting angry.  At our debt. 

Now, I don't know what others think of Dave Ramsey, but I think whether or not you like him, his viewpoints on Debt are for t...
May 31, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Lately, I've been more / less possessed by debt.  Marcie and I have a bunch of debt between us and together, like many couples out there.  Its just that, as time has gone on, I've been getting more mad at our debt, which in a way is a good thing...because I just want to pay our stuff off and get out of debt.  I'll write another blog about that some other time.

But in the mail today, I got a bill for 200 bucks for water at our trailer.  We moved away last September and the ...
April 17, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Well a couple of weeks ago, Marcie and I were at a bookstore and since Im not much of a reader (danged attention span, Im lucky enough to get these blog threads out, lol), I started browsing the store and came across a book on cat breeds. 

Im not totally knowledgable in the world of cats, especially their breeds.  Cleo is a big poofy cat...which I always just tossed into the domestic longhair breed.  She is in that, but more specifically I found a section on the longhairs ...
March 3, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Hi all,

About a month ago, i talked to a coworker about my daily drive back home.  After I deliver my freight, the way my route is set up, I basically do a Uturn and circle back 220 miles home.  I mentioned how boring it was and how XM is getting old...to a point. 

He mentioned downloading some podcasts, something I hadn't thought of before.  So now Im using Marcies MP3 player and use Itunes to download them.

So here is what I have so far:

*A sermon from Joel Oste...
February 25, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Sunday is one of my days off (as well as Monday) and really is the only day Marcie and I get to spend together.  This morning we decided to go out and just get out of the apartment and putz around. 

We went to a local restaurant that she has been to previously, but I havent, to get some breakfast.  I got some homemade chicken fried steak and eggs and lemme tell ya, it was a lot of steak.  Or whatever they make it with...hamburger or whatever.  It was interesting to sa...
January 23, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Today one of my many...superiors came to see me today. Mind you, Im quite a bit away from the offices and the shipping dock, I never see my boss or anybody else, only communicate via messages or the phone.

This morning on my drive as I was going towards my first stops, I found out that I was to meet him later on in the day at another stop. We met up and he helped me unload my freight and we talked about various things...questions and concerns that I had and such.

Turns out that since...
January 7, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Im trying to think when this last happened. I think it was after Turkey Day and my load was light, tonight its not even funny. Well maybe, depending on your sense of humor.

As I've mentioned before, my freight is brought to me each night from Denver; from there I take it and make stops along the way going into Utah. I ran late last night and got back this morning. Then I got a call a while ago from the driver who brings me my load and he told me he was actually in town and would be waiti...
January 1, 2008 by Ziggystyles
Argh, Im going to pos this even if it kills me. Driving me nuts. I don't know how many versions of this I have made, only to close them, shut the browswer on accident...argh. And fooey and all that.

Well I havent posted a thing since I started my new job basically. As a quick wrap up, I did training in CA, then training on the road in CO before going to Denver to take some more tests. I went back and forth between home and Denver for a week or two as I was doing my testing, then we t...
November 23, 2007 by Ziggystyles
The other day when I wrote my Garbage can turkey thread, I didn't go into the history of it.

Last year when we lived in Central WY, my wife and I had our first chance to make our own Turkey Day Dinner. Being the Italian that I am, I made the turkey. I didn't really know how to make it since I never have made one before, but being an Alton Brown fan, I followed one of his recipes which called for using a brine and vegetable stock solution, something I had never done before either.

I p...
November 22, 2007 by Ziggystyles
Last year, I can't remember if I wrote a blog or not about it; but I made a Thanksgiving Turkey for Marcie and I. Last Turkey day was the first since we got married. Before that, we had thanksgiving at her family's or when we lived in Vegas for a year, we had a make-shift buffett in San Diego.

Last year, I followed an idea from Alton Brown (chef on Food Network). I like his shows and he really does a great job explaining things. So much so that my brother has even given me a cookbook (or...
November 7, 2007 by Ziggystyles
Well yesterday was officially, I think, my last day of training with the company. After my training in CO, I was given a rental car a couple weeks ago and sent home. Then I went down to Denver to get some more training and take some final company tests last week. Took the company car home for the weekend and then headed back down Monday to take the CDL test up in Cheyenne on Tuesday.

The test wasn't bad at all. He had me do a pre-trip of the engine area, the coupling section, and the ins...